Elliott Murphy :: It Takes A Worried Man


Elliott Murphy It Takes A Worried ManBlue Rose-coverIt Takes A Worried Man is de 33ste LP/CD van de in Frankrijk wonende Amerikaan Elliott Murphy. De opener is de Carter Family-klassieker Worried Man Blues (waar de CD-titel vandaan komt). Daarna keert Murphy terug naar wat hij tegenwoordig zo goed doet: vitale Springsteen/Mellencamp-achtige heartland-rock en sublieme teksten. Op I Am Empty krijgt hij hulp van mevrouw Springsteen, Patti Scialfa. En in het grappige Little Big Man beschrijft hij hoe hij op straat de laatste levende Ramone tegenkomt die er heel gezond uitziet.

It’s been 40 years since the American singer/songwriter Elliott Murphy first made his mark on the rock music scene with his debut album Aquashow. The opener of this album that has since gained cult status was entitled ‘Last Of The Rock Stars’ – in some ways that’s a clairvoyant motto for a remarkable career that’s not near its end. The 63-year-old artist who has been living in France for many years still has a few surprises up his sleeve. He never quite became a commercial rock star with #1 hits but Elliott Murphy is still a vital, seeking, creative force and someone who has never let himself be bent or pushed around, even though he might have stood in his own way once or twice. But that didn’t stop him from releasing album after album with admirable regularity and quality. It Takes A Worried Man is his brand new album on Blue Rose Records. It’s not an anniversary record, simply another excellent album by Elliott Murphy who – in his own way – may be a true rock star and certainly is a unique artist.


1. Worried Man Blues
2. Angeline
3. Little Big Man
4. Murphyland
5. Then You Start Crying
6. I Am Empty
7. He’s Gone
8. Day For Night
9. Little Bit More
10. Eternal Highway
11. Even Steven

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