Daniel Romano :: Come Cry With Me


Daniel Romano - Come Cry With Me - CoverOver Come Cry With Me, de nieuwe CD van Daniel Romano schrijft de site altcountry.nl: ‘Zo ongeveer in zijn eentje heeft de jonge Canadees Romano een album in elkaar gestoken waar geen fan van Gram Parsons omheen kan.’ De beloning is 5 sterren. Volstrekt logisch, want nooit heeft deze eeuw country muziek zo doorleefd geklonken. Drank, hopeloze liefdes, verdriet. Tien prachtliedjes, geworteld in de golden age of country. Teksten van Hank Williams-niveau, muziek die op één lijn ligt met Gram Parsons, Buck Owens en Merle Haggard. Dé sensatie van 2013.

Enter Daniel Romano, a songwriter who channels country crooning’ and hard luck storytelling with cinematic fidelity. While references to marquee names like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard are apparent in Romano’s music, the obvious influences certainly don’t demystify his talent. His take on the golden age of country music is much more than a revivalist mission; Romano works with equal parts authenticity and creativity, and his musical world isrich with archetypes and archrivals, wry observations and earnest confessions.

Daniel Romano

1. Middle Child
2 Two Pillow Sleeper
3 Just Between You And me
4 I’m Not Crying Over You
5 He Lets Her Memory Go (Wild)
6 Chicken Bill
7 When I Was Aboard
8 Where No One Else Will Find It
9 That’s The Very Moment
10 A New Love (Can Be Found)



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