Basko Believes :: Idiot’s Hill


Basko Belives Idiot's hillDe leden van de Amerikaanse band Midlake zijn diehard fans van de Zweedse singer/songwriter Johan Orjansson. Ze bleven hem maar vragen een CD met ze te maken. Dus spendeerde Orjansson al zijn geld aan een vliegticket naar Denton, Texas om met Midlake en de band van Israel Nash Gripka de studio in te gaan. Het resultaat is Idiot’s Hill en Orjansson noemt zich Basko Believes. De muziek is adembenemend mooi, orkestrale persoonlijke folk met soul die niet terugdeinst voor grote emoties. Soms denk je: hé, Bono toen hij zijn onschuld nog niet had verloren.

Basko Believes (Swedish singer-songwriter Johan Örjansson) took all the money he had, bought a plane ticket, and flew over the Atlantic to record his album Idiot’s Hill. He followed his heart. He’d received a series of emails from McKenzie Smith and Joey McClennan from Midlake who had repeatedly reminded him of their invitation to come over and record an album with musicians from their highly acclaimed local network. The plan was to record the album at Redwood studio in Denton, a town famed for its music scene. Johan understood that he was putting a great deal at risk. Not just the money and the audience that he’d already built up in Sweden, but also, and this was perhaps the most painful part, his relationship with his Swedish bandmates who were also his closest friends and who were unable to join him.


1 In A Glade
2 Wolves
3 The Waiting
4 Lift Me Up
5 Going Home
6 The Entertainer
7 Rainsong
8 Archipelago Winds
9 Leap of Faith
10 Out of A Glade








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