The Wood Brothers :: The Muse


Wood-Brothers-The-MuseThe Wood Brothers, bassist Chris en gitarist Oliver, hebben met The Muse waarschijnlijk de beste Americana-CD van 2014 afgeleverd. Onder leiding van producer Buddy Miller benaderen ze moeiteloos het niveau van The Band en The Avett Brothers. Alle invloeden, van oude blues en jazz tot rootsy funk en gospel, komen genadeloos samen. De stemmen van de broers vullen aan en tuimelen over elkaar, de liedjes zijn subliem. Warm, spannend en toegankelijk.

Chris Wood had a scrap of a song — seemed like a chorus — scribbled in a notebook. He played it for his older brother, Oliver, who’d had a verse lying around he didn’t know what to do with. The two pieces, composed months apart, one in urban Atlanta and the other deep in the Catskills, dovetailed musically and lyrically: the verse about a man regretting chasing unattainable women, the high-lonesome, harmony-driven refrain of “When I die, I wanna be sent back to try, try again.”


1. Wastin My Mind
2. Neon Tombstone
3. Sing About It
4. Honey Jar
5. The Muse
6. Keep Me Around
7. Sweet Maria
8. I Got Loaded
9. Who the Devil
10. Losin Streak
11. Firewater








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