Mary Gauthier :: Trouble and Love


Mary-Gauthier--Trouble-and-LoveGeadopteerd, weggelopen van huis als jonge tiener, dakloos, junk, kok, restauranteigenaar. En toen vond Mary Gauthier haar roeping: singer/songwriter. In deze eeuw verantwoordelijk voor de meest persoonlijke teksten ooit op muziek gezet. Met haar nieuwe CD Trouble & Love bevestigt ze haar unieke plaats in de Americana. Kippenvelmuziek. Van de ijzingwekkende opener When A Woman Goes Cold tot afsluiter Another Train. Haar liefdesliedjes beginnen waar andere liefdesliedjes ophouden. Waanzinnig goed.

Trouble and Love would fall or rise on the question of whether it crystalizes Gauthier’s experience and conveys it to those who want to feel it, as if the poetry of her lyric can mirror and illuminate what they too have gone through. To help make this happen, she invited a small group of singers and musicians into Nashville’s Skaggs Place Studio, each one chosen because of his or her ability to find the heart of the song. No one was given a lead sheet or an advance demo or even headphones. The backup vocals were invented on the spot. The microphones were vintage, and the songs were cut live, to tape. Everyone stood together in the room, playing to what they heard in the lyric as well as from what was going on in the moment.


1. When A woman Goes Cold
2. False From True
3. Trouble And Love
4. Oh Soul
5. Worthy
6. Walking Each Other Home
7. How You Learn To Live Alone
8. Another Train











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