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BLU632-dHank Shizzoe, de Americana-trots van Zwitserland, verlegt op de nieuwe CD Songsmith zijn grenzen. Het openingsnummer Rocket Ship maakt veel duidelijk: sci-fi, voodoo, swamp en zware electronica. En zo is elk liedje een avontuur. Wat blijft zijn Shizzoe’s schrijftalent, smaakvolle rootsy gitaarspel en Tom Waits-achtige stem. Songsmith is een klein meesterwerk.

More than four years after his last studio album Breather, Switzerland’s outstanding blues & roots musician and Blue Rose artist Hank Shizzoe finally presents his new album. There was good reason for this unusually long hiatus – for over two years Hank was a band member of Stephan Eicher, an international top star who fills large arenas and stadiums in France and Switzerland, reaches the top of the charts with every release and sells six or seven-digit figures of his albums. Shizzoe was not only Eicher’s guitarist, their long-time collaboration proved fruitful for both parties. They wrote songs and developed ideas together and started collaborating in the studio. The result is Songsmith: A courageous opus magnum that breaks rules and crosses boundaries by being eclectic – it’ll certainly be something to talk about in roots and open-minded music circles.


1. Rocket Ship
2. He Is Not
3. I Talk Too Much
4. Light Up
5. Like It’s 1929
6. Songsmith
7. The Ghost Of Pain
8. Itune (Song For Jony)
9. Planned Obsolescence
10. Thanks To You
11. Where I Come From
12. I Sing

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