Black Roots :: Ghetto Feel


black roots ghetto feel cover artworkDe legendarische Britse DJ John Peel was een fan van Black Roots. De reggaeband uit de omgeving van Bristol floreert in de jaren 80 met hun hardcore reggae en politieke teksten. Maar in de jaren negentig en het begin van deze eeuw lijken ze van de aardbodem verdwenen. Tot in 2012 opeens On The Ground verschijnt. En nu is er Ghetto Feel, hun tweede comeback-CD. Die mag er weer ten zeerste zijn. Compromisloze reggae. Bob Marley zal zich tevreden omdraaien in zijn graf.

Even today their music is inspired by and draws on the origins of the roots it is a clear and profound sound. They are notesthat influenced them in their youth and Black Roots wants to share them with today’s younger generation. They want people to open their eyes,to wake up and know that they can take matters into their hands. The future is theirs and the mission is to show them a righteous and positive path. This is the “Ghetto Feel” message.


1. Cloudy Night
2. Bad Mind
3. A Wah So?
4. Albert Villa
5. Ghetto Feel
6. Reclaim
7. Street Life
8. Lonely Journey
9, The Erath
10. Carnival
11. Drawn To My Attention
12. Stuck Pon Waff











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