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Micky and the Motorcars HeartsFromAbove-CoverVoor alle duidelijkheid: je hebt de groep Reckless Kelly met de broers Willy & Cody Braun, en je hebt Micky & The Motorcars met de andere broers Micky & Gary Braun. Hearts From Above is de derde CD van Micky & The Motorcars en die is, om de verwarring compleet te maken, geproduceerd door Willy Braun. Niet vewarrend is de kwaliteit van de muziek: die is groots. Countryrock op zijn Texaans, met de nadruk op rock. Dit zijn de Eagles met ballen. Betere liedjes dan ooit, een glansrol voor gast Jon Dee Graham op lap steel en een zeer geslaagde cover van Alejandro Escovedo’s Sister Lost Soul.

After a three-year hiatus and some personnel changes, Micky & The Motorcars are back! The Texans present their 7th album Hearts From Above with strong new songs, fresh performances and the exquisite level of quality they’re known for. Bandleader Micky Braun and his brother Gary with their band are seen as something of a subdivision of Reckless Kelly, (the band of their brothers Willy & Cody Braun) – but to think they lack anything in quality or recognition on the Texamericana/country rock scene is far off the mark. Quite the opposite: Their dynamic in-your-face live shows and their consistently energetic studio outings have won them numerous fans since the turn of the century. Hearts From Above, their 3rd album on Blue Rose Records, is no exception – it’s every bit as strong as its predecessors and will continue to bring the band’s special brand of Red Dirt Music into the music world!


1. Hearts from above
2. Long road to nowhere
3. Hurt again
4. Destined to fall
5. You led me the wrong way
6. Fall apart
7. My girl now
8. Sister lost soul
9. Once in a lifetime girl
10. Southbound Street
11. From where the Sun now stands
12. Tonight we ride

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