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PaulCollinsFeelTheNoise--coverPaul Collins was belangrijk in de ontwikkeling van de power pop. Eerst met The Nerves, hun Hangin’ On The Telephone werd een megahit in de handen van Blondie, daarna met The Beat. Dezer dagen maakt hij soloplaten in dezelfde traditie. Hij is een combi van The Ramones en Nirvana, de enige twee bands die er in zijn ogen echt toe doen. Feel The Noise overtreft alles wat hij eerder heeft gemaakt en het titelnummer is een instant klassieker. Dit is rock ‘n’ roll zoals rock ‘n’ roll ooit bedoeld was.

Feel The Noise!
Yeah , it’s a concept man. Rock n’ roll… remember that? Well I do, like it was yesterday. Standing on the corner of Hollywood & Vine in LA or on Columbus & Broadway in front of Aquarius Records in North Beach San Francisco circa 1975… Thinking that all I wanted to do is rock out, so sick of everything I was hearing on the radio, all those bands seemed to suck to me, I couldn’t understand what happened to the real rock n roll that I grew up on. Where did it go ? Where were the balls? Where were the guts? Where were the songs that blew my mind, the guitar licks, the harmonies… what happened?
For too many years after that all I heard was the same old thing… “rock n roll is dead”. Every time I heard it, it made me mad, it made me think… yeah… FUCK YOU!
Then I heard the Ramones, and things got better for a while, and then it got bad again. Then I heard Nirvana and things got better again for a while, then they got bad again, but at that point I didn’t really care anymore because I knew that Rock N Roll was never gonna die… you know why? Because there will always be a new generation of kids who will dig this shit as much as I do… Feel The Noise!
Remember kids, the future is in your hands! Keep on Rocking! – PAUL COLLINS


1. Feel The Noise
2. Only Girl
3. Baby I want You
4. I Need My Rock N Roll
5. Don’t Know How To Treat A Lady
6. With A Girl Like You
7. For All Eyes To See
8. Little Suzy
9. Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind
10. Baby I’m In Love With You
11. Reach Out I’ll Will Be There
12. Walk Away

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