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Real World Records 25 --coverIn 1989 lanceerde Peter Gabriel de platenmaatschappij Real World. De debuutuitgave was The Passion, Gabriel’s muziek voor de Martin Scorsese-film The Last Temptation Of Christ. Daarna verscheen er muziek van over de hele wereld, soms van grote namen, soms obscuur, maar altijd meer dan de moeite. Om het 25-jarig bestaan te vieren is er Real World 25, een fijn uitgevoerd boxje met drie CD’s met hoogtepunten, verborgen schatten en door de luisteraars gekozen nummers. Het geeft een mooi beeld van een van de meest avontuurlijke labels uit de muziekgeschiedenis.

Beautifully packaged Clamshell Box with 3 CD wallets, 28 page booklet containing the story of 25 Years of Real World Records, and a collection of Real World Tales with contributions from musicians, producers, designer and managers.
How, then, to condense a quarter century? How to represent a record label that blazed trails, opened doors and introduced a whole new world of music? It was never going to be easy, or definitive. But with Real World 25 – a celebratory 3CD set boasting big names, hidden gems and tracks chosen by listeners – we’re giving it a go.
“We’ve always been vibrant, alive and kicking,” says Peter Gabriel of Real World Records, the label he launched in 1989, a few years after establishing the WOMAD (World of Music Arts and Dance) Festival. “We worked hard to create an environment where the artists felt respected and supported, so that they were able to deliver extraordinary performances.”

rw25-weReal World Records 25b

01 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Pakistan) Mustt Mustt
02 Maryam Mursal (Somalia) Kufilaw
03 Joi (UK) Fingers
04 Little Axe (USA) If I Had My Way
05 The Blind Boys of Alabama (USA) Run on for a Long Time
06 Peter Gabriel (UK) The Feeling Begins
07 Ayub Ogada (Kenya) Kothbiro
08 Jocelyn Pook (UK) Dionysus
09 Hukwe Zawose (Tanzania) Sisitizo La Amani Duniani
10 Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila (Tanzania) Kipenda Roho
11 Adrian Sherwood (UK) No Dog Jazz
12 Dub Colossus (Ethiopia/UK) Guragigna
13 Totó La Momposina y Sus Tambores (Colombia) La Sombra Negra
14 The Imagined Village (UK) Cold Haily Rainy Night
15 Iarla Ó Lionáird (Ireland) Glistening Fields
16 Lama Gyurme and Jean Philippe Rykiel (Bhutan/France) Offering Chant (Unplugged)

01 Pape & Cheikh (Senegal) Mariama
02 Daúde (Brazil) Muito Quente
03 Los De Abajo (Mexico) Resistencia
04 Toumast (Niger/France) Innulamane
05 Farafina (Burkina Faso) Dounounia
06 Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook (Armenia/Canada) Take My Heart
07 Joji Hirota (Japan) Kokiriko Melody
08 Mara! With Martenitsa Choir (Bulgaria/Australia) To My First Love
09 Tom Kerstens’ G Plus Ensemble (UK/Holland) Utopia
10 Mamer (China) Mountain Wind
11 Värttiná (Finland) Valhe/The Lie
12 Tenores Di Bitti (Sardinia) T’amo
13 Thomas Mapfumo (Zimbabwe) Marudzi Nemarudzi (Different Races)
14 The Ananda Shankar Experience & State of Bengal (India/UK) Streets of Calcutta (live)
15 Syriana (Syria/UK/Ireland) Al Araby
16 Guo Yue (China) White Kite
17 The Creole Choir of Cuba (Cuba) Fey Oh Di Nou

01 Joseph Arthur (USA) In the Sun
02 Daby Touré (Mauritania) Iris
03 Sevara Nazarkhan (Uzbekistan) Yol Bolsin
04 Afro Celt Sound System (UK/Ireland/Senegal) Release
05 Portico Quartet (UK) Line
06 Yungchen Lhamo (Tibet) Happiness Is…
07 Spiro (UK) The City and the Stars
08 Martyn Bennett (Scotland) Move
09 JuJu (UK/Gambia) Night Walk
10 Charlie Winston (England) In Your Hands
11 Big Blue Ball (International) Altus Silva
12 Geoffrey Oryema (Uganda) Land of Anaka
13 Sheila Chandra (UK/India) Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean
14 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook (Canada/Pakistan) Sweet Pain
15 Papa Wemba (Democratic Republic of Congo) Awa Y’Okeyi









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