Handsome Jack :: Do What Comes Naturally


Handsome Jack Do Whar Comes Naturally-coverHandsome Jack is een kwartet uit Buffalo, New York dat zich op de CD Do What Comes Naturally ontpopt als een geweldige kruising van de J. Geils Band, Z.Z. Top en de Mississippi-blues van Junior Kimbrough. Zelf noemen ze hun muziek boogie soul. Hypnotiserend en psychedelisch, fijne songs, geweldig gespeeld. Een sensationeel goede CD!

Handsome Jack is a band to set your sights on and never look away this year. Fuzzy blues and boogie soul make up their new record Do What Comes Naturally. With its timeless sound, this record could easily have been plucked from a time capsule from 40-50 years ago. A little Lynyrd Skynyrd in the way it often just effortlessly feels like gritty Southern blues rock, this is seriously sexy music.


1. Echoes
2. Creepin’
3. Between The Lines
4. Dead Tracks
5. Leave It Al Behind
6. Right On
7. Dry Spell
8. Ropes & Chains
9. You & Me
10. Wasted Time

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