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JP Harris- cover by Rachel BriggsJP Harris is geboren in Montgomery, Alabama. Maar zijn CD Home Is Where The Hurt Is werd opgenomen in Nashville. En de muziek die hij met zijn band The Tough Choices maakt is hardcore country. Zoals superster in wording Daniel Romano teruggrijpt op Gram Parsons, put Harris zijn inspiratie vooral uit de country van daarvoor. Dit is de muziek waar in de jaren vijftig in honky tonks bij gedronken en op gedanst werd. De tranen en de alcohol druipen er vanaf. Met een verrassende gastbijdrage van Los Lobos-saxofonist Steve Berlin, Nikki Lane en Chance McCoy (Old Crow Medicine Show). Geweldig.

In short, J.P. Harris plays Country Music. Not “Americana,” not “Roots,” “Folk,” or any other number of monikers used to describe a slew of spin-off genres; he plays from the foundation of these styles, the music that has influenced four generations of songwriters. In a world where prefixes have been added to the term “Country,” JP simply sticks to the old-fashioned sounds that have called to him. Referencing influences would be like describing each stitch in a quilt; every scrap of fabric tells a story of how the weathered and comfortable blanket came to be…

JP3 Photo Credit - Joshua Black Wilkins

1. Give A Little Lovin’
2. A Breaking Heart
3. South Oklahoma
4. Old Love Letters
5. Home Is Where The Hurt Is
6. Maria
7. Every Little Piece
8. One For Every Day
9. Truckstop Amphetamines
10. Young Women And Old Guitars.

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