Stoney LaRue :: Aviator


stoneylarueaviator-coverStoney LaRue is geboren in Texas en woont in Oklahoma. Dat is te horen aan zijn muziek. Het is een combi van Texaanse rootsrock en Woody Guthrie-achtige verhalen. Op Aviator overtreft hij zichzelf. Hij praat/zingt zich op Steve Earle-wijze door 14 prachtnummers heen. Folky, bluesy en soms hardcore country. Zoals in het Merle Haggard-eerbetoon Natural High. Een top-CD.

The Texas native-turned-longtime Oklahoma resident has been chasing his own dream down many roads for a long time. He’s hit the occasional pothole that sidelined him for awhile, never veering from his internal call to chronicle life’s ups and downs. “I’ve always been motivated by and came up under the style of old Woody Guthrie songs,” LaRue says. “It’s always been about talking to the people.” Hence you have the laid-back, conversational style found on Stoney LaRue’s newest album project, Aviator, his debut for Blue Rose Records.


1. One And Only
2. Golden Shackles
3. Til I’m Moving On
4. Aviator
5. First One To Know
6. Blending Colors
7. Spitfire
8. Still Runnin’
9. A Little Too Long
10. It’s Too Soon
11. Million Dollar Blues
12. Dark Side Of The Line
13. Natural High (Bonustrack)
14. Studio A Trouble Tim JAM (Bonustrack)





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