The Balham Alligators :: Bayou-Degradable


thebalhamalligatorsbayoudegradable-coverIn de jaren tachtig was een bezoek aan Londen pas geslaagd als je The Balham Alligators live had gezien, liefst in hun thuiscafé The Hare & Hounds. Onder leiding van accordeonist/pianist/zanger Geraint Watkins maakten ze genadeloos swingende in bier gedrenkte cajun met een scheut country en rock ‘n’ roll. Amerikaanser dan Amerikaans. Er verschenen twee pracht-LP’s die om overklaarbare redenen maar niet op CD uitkwamen. Maar nu is er de dubbel-CD Bayou-Degradable met bijna alle nummers van die platen plus nummers van Live At The Half Moon en Gateway To The South. De Aligators bestaan niet meer. Watkins maakt fijne solo-CD’s en begeleidt mensen als Nick Lowe en Van Morrison. Maar deze dubbel-CD is het overtuigende bewijs dat The Balham Alligators de beste onbekende band aller tijden waren.

Bayou-Degradable is the definitive collection of tracks from The Balham Alligators, legendary London 80’s/90’s live circuit band that mixed Rock ‘n’ Roll, Cajun, Country and Rhythm ‘n’ Blues.
Back in 1983, only those with an accurately tuned crystal ball could have forecast all out war against the Unions, the Miner’s Strikes, the mass privatisations of state assets and public utilities, and the ‘Loads of Money’ culture of haves and have-nots. But that was all still to come.
At the grass roots level, Cajun was becoming a staple in London’s live music venues. If it now seems odd that traditional Folk music played by descendants of French Canadian settlers in the bayous of Louisiana would became so popular in London’s pubs and clubs, at the time it wasn’t anything unusual. The musical tastes of gig-goers in 1980’s London were wide and varied, encompassing Blues, Reggae, Ska, Swing, Hot Club Jazz, Salsa, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, and plenty more.


CD 1
1. Balham Two-Step
2. Hey-ho, Ho-ho
3. Sugar Bee
4. Tennessee Blues
5. Oh Siobhan
6. Let’s Dance
7. Louisiana
8. Scotland/Allons a Lafayette
9. Tacos
10. Little Liza Jane
11. Hobo Blues/Balham Two step
12. Oh Marie
13. Six Days On The Road
14. Lawdy Miss Clawdy
15. Caledonia
16. White Lightning
17. Diggy Liggy Lo
18. Let’s Go To The Hop
19. Hobo Blues
20. Balham Two-Step
21. Sacre Bleu

CD 2
1. Cajun Walk
2. If The Swamp Don’t Get You
3. Big Mamou
4. I Don’t Want To Be In Love
5. Love Has No Pride
6. Alligators Grinning
7. It’s My Own Business
8. Diggy Liggy Lo
9. What Have You Got To Lose?
10. Fine Fine Fine
11. Feel Like A Fool
12. Allons Rock ‘n’ Roll
13. Bayou Teche
14. Gotta Have Money
15. Malheureuse
16. Big Bad Dog
17. Secret Love
18. Cash On The Barrel-Head
19. Too Much
20. The Last Waltz
21. Hot Rod
22. Honky Tonk
23. Johnny B Goode





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