Prima Donna :: Nine Lives and Forty-Fives


PrimaDonnaNineLivesetc-coverOp Nine Lives And Forty-Fives van Prima Donna, een kwartet uit de San Fernando Valley, staan negen eigen nummers en twee covers: Rip Her To Shreds van Blondie en Dwight Twilley’s I’m On Fire. En dat zegt eigenlijk alles. Dit is furieuze powerpop met de wortels in de late jaren zeventig. Ze touren regelmatig met hun vrienden van Green Day en Little Steven is een grote fan die in zijn radioshow zo vaak als mogelijk nummers van ze speelt. Oh ja, Nine Lives And Forty-Fives is een geweldige bloed, zweet en tranen-CD.

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley on a steady diet of punk and glitter rock, Prima Donna are infamous on the LA scene. Their curriculum includes musical road trips with Eddie and the Hot Rods, Adam Ant, Glen Matlock & The Philistines, The Dictators, and even Green Day, who they supported on two arena tours on two continents. Frontman Kevin Preston has also continued participation in Green Day side-project Foxboro Hot Tubs.
While touring the US and Europe, Prima Donna was in and out of the studio numerous times, both at home in L.A. and in Milan, Italy. The finished product is “Nine Lives and Forty Fives”, a 11-song variety pack that displays the band’s skills in the studio, and compiles some of their rarest and rawest recordings, including “Rock and Roll is Dead,” available for the first time in US. The song was named one of the Top Ten Songs of 2013 by Little Steven’s Underground Garage.


1. Pretty Little Maid
2. Deathless
3. Born Yesterday
4. Living In Sin
5. Rubbish
6. Rock and Roll Dead
7. Like Hell
8. I’m On Fire
9. Tattooed Love Girls
10. Rip Her To Shreds
11. Eat Your Heart Out



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