Ellen Sundberg :: White Smoke And Pines


ellensundbergwhitesmokeandpines-coverVoor haar tweede CD toog de 21-jarige Zweedse Ellen Sundberg naar Texas. Daar nam ze onder leiding van producer en fan Israel Nash White Smoke And Pines op. Het resultaat is atmosferische country van een betoverende schoonheid. Vergelijken heeft geen zin, hoewel soms de naam van Lucinda Williams opduikt. Luisteren is geloven. Wat een talent!

“My good friend Israel Nash told me about this wonderful Swedish artist that went on tour with them and what a blast they had making music on the road together. He told me he loved her Music so much he wanted to make a record with her, and he needed my help with it. I’ve known Israel and worked with him for a long time now, and I know that when he gets an idea in his head that he’s right. We all got together down in Texas and brought Ellen into our circle of music and gave her an environment where she could express herself comfortably amongst friends. Because we all thought she was something special, a voice to be heard, someone to watch and to pay attention to. A young, raw, passionate, beautiful talent.”


1. What Is Life
2. Four Times
3. Swedish Inland
4. Headlights
5. Yours And Mine
6. Hollow
7. Thunder Man
8. Maze Of Shadows
9. Vägen Är Lång (The Road Is Long)
10. White Smoke And Pines




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