Cody Canada & The Departed :: Hippielovepunk


CodyCanadaHippielovepunk-coverDe Texaan Cody Canada houdt van Steve Earle, Southern rock en grunge. Op Hippielovepunk, de tweede CD van Cody Canada And The Departed komen die invloeden op grootse wijze bijelkaar. De elf nummers zijn de beste die hij geschreven heeft, de groep speelt alsof de duivel ze op de hielen zit, Canada’s stem heeft een heel eigen karakter gekregen en zijn gitaarspel is ronduit briljant. Zonder twijfel is Hippielovepunk een van de beste rootsplaten van de laatste jaren. Verpletterend.

Longtime fans of Cross Canadian Ragweed will be enthusiastic: The band’s mastermind Cody Canada still holds the reins of his follow-up band The Departedand comes back with an eleven-song album. HippieLovePunk marks a return to a compact four-piece format and change in philosophy – both clearly audible on the band’s brand new, third album. However, this “back to the future” concept is not a simple revival of what used to bring him high charts positions, millions of sales and coast to coast success. Instead it’s a scorcher of a reboot for The Departed, chock full of the ingredients that made red dirt music an integral part of the American roots’n’roll catalog. Cody Canada is one of the guiding lights of this genre from the American southwest that has gained such widespread international recognition in the last decade. And his new album HippieLovePunk is certainly another milestone of the genre and proof of its ongoing vitality and relevance.


Comin To Me
Back Closer
Got It
Great Big Nothin
Boss Of Me
All Nighter



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