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Alectro-coverAlectro is het New Yorkse duo Jeff Eyrich en Steve Kirkman. Op hun debuut School Of Desire vieren ze hun liefde voor surfgitaren, spaghetti-westerns, Mexicana en twang bot. Resultaat is een uitbundig feest voor liefhebbers van Ennio Morricone, Duane Eddy, Quentin Tarantino en Calexico. Coole eigen nummers en twee covers: Tobacco Road en Woody Guthrie’s Hard Travelin’. Prachtmuziek.

A new project, new music ALECTRO. Who/what is ALECTRO? Jeff Eyrich and Steve Kirkman, musical pardners and soul brothers (in the soulful sense) are ALECTRO. Jeff and Steve are music vets, musician-producers, session men and fellow sidemen on lots of other people’s gigs. Both share a passion for surf guitars, the spaghetti-western soundtracks of Ennio Morricone, Duane Eddy twang, old noisy amplifiers, tube distortion, weird-sounding strange looking guitars, off-brand EFX pedals, antique rhythm boxes, echo-plexes, all influences evident, and tools used in the music that they make.


1. The Debt
2. School Of Desire
3. Fork In The Road
4. Hard Travelin’
5. Shining Star
6. Sunset at County Line
7. Cross And The Switchblade
8. Tobacco Road
9. Take Me to the Highway
10. Whiskey Water
11. Sunrise at Faria

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