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Ben Reel - 7th - album coverDe Ier Ben Reel behoort tot de eredivisie van de Europese Americana. Hij was de afgelopen jaren op tournee met Tommy Womack, het miskende genie uit Nashville, en legende Eric Andersen. Dat geeft aan hoe groot zijn status is. Zijn zevende album, simpelweg 7th getiteld, bewijst eens te meer hoe goed hij is. Prachtige liedjes, een stem die steeds meer soul krijgt. En hij aarzelt niet zijn band flink tekeer te laten gaan. Hoogtepunten zijn de rockende opener Lucky Streak en het met David Olney geschreven God’s Song.

Irish artist Ben Reel will release his eagerly awaited 7th studio album in the spring of 2015 simply titled `7th’ which promises to be a real rock`n’record. Like the previous album `Darkness & the Light’ in 2013 the new album 7th was recorded & produced by himself in his home studio in Co.Armagh, Ireland. Since his debut back in 1999, each album has gone from strength to strength, receiving critical acclaim from radio & press from around the world. Ben’s music has evolved into an honest earthy sound that has matured like a fine wine, drawing from the well of different styles of musical influence from rock, soul, blues, alt folk/americana, country & reggae which fuses all these genres into a melting pot to create a great sound which has become his own.

Ben Reel - 7th - pic

1. Lucky Streak
2. One Of These Days
3. Crushed It
4. Say
5. God’s Song
6. Reflection On The Road
7. Back On The Road
8. Meant To Be
9. Many A Time
10. Gimme Some Room
11. Given It All
12. Coming Round Again
13. All Souls Alive (Bonus Track)
14. Resurrection Man (Bonus Track)

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