The Wynntown Marshals :: The End of the Golden Age


TheWynntownMarshals_coverThe Wynntown Marshals uit Schotland hebben met hun derde CD The End Of The Golden Age een countryrock-klassieker afgeleverd. Denk aan Teenage Fanclub, Tom Petty, Byrds en Eagles, maar dan met een fikse dosis soul. Vooral door de prominente rol van het orgel, de doorleefde stem van zanger Keith Benzie en de fraaie liedjes. Meesterlijk.

‘The End Of The Golden Age’ is the third album by Edinburgh -based band The Wynntown Marshals, and is the band’s second release on German label Blue Rose Records. The record is the follow up to the critically acclaimed LPs ‘The Long Haul’ (2013) and ‘Westerner’ (2009). The album sees the band drawing on their Scottish roots to give their own uniquely personal take on the Americana genre – the cinematic lyrics on this Caledonian scrapbook tell tales of migrations from Hebridean islands and modern life in the capital city, the sights. smells and
sounds of Aberdeenshire fairgrounds, and the rural landscapes of West Lothian.


1. There Was A Time
2. Dead Sunflowers
3. Being Lazy
4. Red Clay Hill
5. Idaho
6. Better Than Yesterday
7. The Girl On The Hill
8. Metagama
9. Moby Doll
10. The End Of The Golden Age



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