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benfolds-sothereBen Folds uit North Carolina is de Brian Wilson van deze tijd. Hij voorziet zijn prachtige popliedjes van uitgebreide klassieke arrangementen. Voor So There heeft hij de hulp ingeroepen van het New Yorkse sextet yMusic en dat is een gouden greep. Ze geven Folds’ acht vaak aan de Beatles herinnerende liedjes, extra kleur. De CD besluit met een driedelig Concerto For Piano And Orchestra dat hij schreef voor het Nashville Ballet. Meer dan speciaal.

“I don’t know how to brag about this record because I’m not really accustomed to that,” says Ben Folds. “Maybe I should just say ‘this is one of the best records I’ve made’ and leave it at that.” Quite the declaration considering Folds’ wide – ranging, genre defying canon, but the multi-platinum-selling singer/songwriter/producer is simply that enthused about So There, the new album showcasing Folds’ debut collaboration with celebrated New York City – based chamber ensemble, yMusic. Produced by Folds with yMusic’s Rob Moose and CJ Camerieri, the album flourishes in the overlap between the pop and classical worlds, pairing eight brand new pop songs written, arranged, and recorded by Folds & yMusic with the eagerly awaited debut recording of Folds’ critically acclaimed “Concerto For Piano and Orchestra.”Songs like“Long Way To Go” and the ebullient title track are marked by forward – thinking studio craft and creative spontaneity, combining Folds’ vaunted knack for hook and harmony with yMusic’s talent for exciting interpretation.


1. Capable Of Anything
2. Not A Fan
3. So There
4. Long Eay To Go
5. Phone In A Pool
6. Yes Man
7. F 10-D-A
8. I’m Not The Man
9. Concerto For Piano And Orchestra. Movement 1
10. Concerto For Piano And Orchestra. Movement 2
11. Concerto For Piano And Orchestra. Movement 3

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