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kings_of_lies_frontcoverFrancis Kuipers, een Nederlands/Engelse gitarist/zanger, geniet vooral faam in Italië waar hij zijn solomuziek uitbracht. Dat gaat veranderen nu hij de band Kings Of Lies heeft samengesteld, met wie hij begin 2015 in Amsterdam de gelijknamige CD opnam. Het is Kuipers op zijn best; een mix van Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits en tekstueel vooral The Handsome Family. Vreemde verhalen, vol waarheden en leugens. Aanbevolen voor iedereen die van muziek zonder grenzen houdt.

Kings of Lies is the name of the band featuring Francis Kuipers, a Dutch / English artist, musician and composer, as well as writer and poet. During his many travels, he collected and studied ethnic and experimental music. This resulted in a still ongoing interest and research into sound and music. He created a unique and comprehensive archive of sounds. At this time, Francis mainly lives and works in Italy and the Netherlands. It is worth mentioning that the music of Kings of Lies is a hybrid of various music styles. The background of the band members, Francis Kuipers – voice, guitar, Franc auf dem Brinke – drums and Sam Tjioe – bass, is very different. The main influence is, of course, that of Francis Kuipers, author of the songs and lyrics. He comes from a tradition of folk and blues. Franc auf dem Brinke not only has a jazz background but is as well influenced by Cuban and Brazilian music. Sam Tjioe played in rock and punk bands and is also responsible for the production of the album.

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1 Alien Invasion
2 Size and lies
3 Memories of Faith
4 Shadow in the Dark
5 Ooga Moogoo
6 House in Flames
7 The King Of Lies
8 Big Joe and the man with 3 arms
9 Blindfold Blues
(from the film ‘Last day on earth’ by Abel Ferrara)


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Kings of Lies Bio English



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