Dirty Streets :: White Horse


DirtyStreets-coverSimpele en smerige rock. Eigenlijk is dat de enige passende omschrijving van de muziek die het trio Dirty Streets maakt op hun nieuwe CD White Horse. Opgenomen in de fameuze Ardent Studios in Memphis waart hier de geest rond van de oorspronkelijke rock ‘n’ rollers, maar ook van Cream, Allman Brothers en de Black Keys. Dit is pokkeherrie met hoofdletters P & H. |

Hailing from Memphis, TN, the Dirty Streets are a throwback to the good old days of soulful blues/boogie rock. Formed in 2006, Justin Toland (guitar/vocals), Thomas Storz (bass), and Andrew Denham (drums) found themselves brought together by a shared love of classic acts like Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie, and Cream. Together, the trio makes a kind of revivalist rock that feels retro without seeming fake, adding enough of their own sweat and soul into their smoky blues to make the music seem genuine. After years of playing shows, the band released the full-length, Portrait of a Man, in 2009. Blades of Grass, recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis, appeared in 2013; the group returned to Ardent two year later for 2015’s White Horse.


1. Save Me
2. Looking For My Peace
3. Accents
4. Think Twice
5. When I see My Light
6. Good Kind Of Woman
7. The Voices
8. Good Pills
9. Plain
10. Dust
11. White Horse

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