Tom Gillam & The Kozmic Messengers :: Beautiful Dream


TomGillam-KosmicMessengers-coverDe tegenwoordig in Texas wonende Tom Gillam heeft met Beautiful Dream een persoonlijke ode aan de seventies afgeleverd. Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Eagles. Van die laatste groep komt de enige cover: Good Day In Hell. Maar Gillam blijft ook Gillam. Zijn catchy liedjes hebben altijd ballen, zijn gitaarspel is spectaculair en hij is in de loop der jaren een hele goede zanger geworden. Beautiful Dream is Gillam’s beste plaat en een van de allerbeste Americana-CD’s van de laatste tijd.

The popular Americana and guitar-rock all-rounder Tom Gillam is one of those US musicians with strong ties to Europe. There’s hardly a year in which the likeable musician does not tour Europe – be it solo, in a duo format, with his band or as a member of singer-songwriter super group US Rails. With him coming over so frequently, having new material to present is of great importance. And Gillam delivers in spades! In 20 years Tom Gillam has been releasing albums regularly, since 2007 without fail on Blue Rose. Beautiful Dream is the title of his new album. For the first time in a while, the band gets special mention in the booklet – a strong indication of the strong team play within Gillam’s coordinates of 70s retro rock, country rock and roots’n’roll with Texas roots and a Westcoast vibe.


1. Tell Me What You Want
2. Just Don’t Feel Like Love
3. Flying Blind
4. Red Letter Day
5. Good Day in Hell
6. Lazy Sunday
7. All About Me
8. Better Things to Do
9. DNG
10. Sail Away

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