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Daniel Romano-Mosey CoverIn 2013 verraste de Canadees Daniel Romano de wereld met Come Cry With Me, een countryplaat die klonk alsof Gram Parsons was teruggekeerd op aarde. Daarna verscheen If I’ve Only One Time Askin’ die gewaagder en beter was, dé CD van 2015. En nu is er Mosey en daarmee slaat Romano weer nieuwe wegen in. Het is nog steeds country, maar het is ook psychedelisch en poppy en sixties. Hier is een artiest aan het werk die risico’s durft te nemen en die weigert zijn succesformule uit te melken. Het is even wennen. Maar vooral: na drie keer luisteren weet je dat dit wel eens dé CD van 2016 zou kunnen worden. Daniel Romano is een Hele GROTE.

Mosey was self-produced and recorded in mono by Romano at his studio, The Navy, in Fenwick, Ontario, Canada throughout 2015. Aside from the piano, strings and horns that course through the album, he plays every instrument including guitar, bass, drums, organ and percussion and also arranged the orchestration himself. The vocal performances vary immensely song to song, as if they were a fettered collection of enemies. “He had all the songs in his head. He set up the drums, we mic’d them and then I rolled the tape,” reveals engineer Kenneth Roy Meehan. “He played through the entire first pass of the record, which included something like 20 songs, without any music to reference in basically the amount of time it would take to listen to it. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Daniel Romano -Unfolding-Creative- Photo: Sebastian Buzzalino

1. Valerie Leon
2. I Had To Hide Your Poem In A Song
3 Toulouse (feat. Rachel McAdams)
4 Hunger Is A Dream You Die In
5 Mr. E. Me
6 One Hundred Regrets Avenue
7 I’m Alone Now
8 Sorrow (For Leonard And William)
9 (Gone Is) All But A Quarry Of Stone
10 Maybe Remember Me
11 The Collector
12 Dead Medium

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