William Harries Graham :: Foreign Fields


william-harries-graham-blu685-coverWilliam Harries Graham is de zoon van Austin-legende Jon Dee Graham. Willie had een verlammende botziekte, maar door ontelbaar vele benefietconcerten werd het geld ingezameld voor een succesvolle medische behandeling. En om een sprong in de tijd te maken: nu is er Foreign Fields, zijn eerste CD waarop hij zich ontpopt als een kruising van zijn vader, Alejandro Escovedo en Kurt Cobain. Veel krachtige eigen nummers en een fijne cover van She’s Got van de True Believers, de band van Escovedo en zijn vader. William Harries Graham is een bijzondere jongen en Foreign Fields een bijzondere plaat.

At not even 18 years old William Harries Graham is by far the youngest artist ever on Blue Rose Records. He is one of the young hopefuls and carriers of the torch on the vibrant Austin, TX scene where he mingles with the more experienced heroes who are not ready to turn it in just yet. On some level he is a veteran of the scene himself as the son of singer-songwriter, guitarist and “character” Jon Dee Graham and community college teacher Gretchen Harries. After all he first got his hands on a guitar at age two, had his first live appearance at age seven and was the subject of a special benefit project – collecting money for treatment of a rare disease he was suffering from – shortly thereafter. William has battled Legg Perthes since he was 7 years old, started the Painted Redstarts at age 13 and honed his guitar-driven, passionate indie rock sound in countless live gigs up and down 6th Street and South Congress Avenue. Foreign Fields is the title of his strong studio debut – a successful start into a promising career.


1. Foreign fields
2. Curtains wide
3. Lies
4. Hold
5. Come back to me
6. Mystical ways
7. Puzzles
8. Say goodbye
9. She’s got
10. London
11. Watch over me









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