Christian Kjellvander :: A Village: Natural Light


christian_kjellvander__cover_rgbDe Zweed Christian Kjellvander brak in 2013 artistiek door met The Pitcher, een meesterwerk. Zijn nieuwe A Village: Natural Light is dat wederom. Hij zingt met een diepe donkerbruine stem, zijn teksten zijn literair maar nimmer hoogdravend. De titel van het prachtnummer Dark Ain’t That Dark zegt alles: niet vrolijk, maar nooit hopeloos. En twee liedjes later, in Riders In The Rain, meldt hij terloops dat hij sex had met zijn ex op het kerkhof. Christian Kjellvander is van het niveau Nick Cave, Tindersticks en Leonard Cohen. Buitencategorie dus. Muziek die zo godvergeten prachtig is, dat woorden echt tekort schieten.

“A Village: Natural Light” is an album about living, loving and dying. When I listen to these songs I think about how important it is to really live your life. You know the songs that make you dream about places far far away and how they give you that urge to get up and get out? Not this time … These songs right here are about staying and riding it out. Create a life of your own, surround yourself with good people, don’t let bastards get you down and make the most of what you got. Make sure to love. Look at your wife. Love her. Love her like crazy. Fight the battles. Stick to it. Look at your children. You made them. Hold them close and set them free. Christian told me that he had started working part-time in a cemetery in a small Swedish village while writing these songs because he wanted to get the realest job he could and let it bleed into his songs. Make something that truly sounded like where he was right now … in a village, like a microcosm of the world we live in today facing life and death.

1. Shallow Sea
2. Dark Ain’t That Dark
3. Midsummer (Red Dance)
4. Riders In The Rain
5. Misanthrope River
6 Always With The Horses
7. Staghorn Sumac
8. Good Child
9. Gallow



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