Southern Culture on The Skids :: The Electric Pinecones


southern_culture_on_the_skids-theelectricpinecones-coverSixties pop en garage, folk, surf, psychedelica, rock ‘n’ roll en Zappa. Gooi het in een pan, flink roeren en je hebt Southern Culture On The Skids. 31 jaar na hun debuut Voodoo Beach Party in 1985 is er nu The Electric Pinecones. En het trio uit Chapel Hill, North Carolina heeft nooit beter geklonken. Met openingsnummer Freak Flag leveren ze zelfs een instant klassieker af. SCOTS is een unieke band, The Electric Pinecones een feestplaat van de eerste orde.

The Electric Pinecones is a bit of a departure for the band conceptually and sonically. The inspiration for the record was born in an alter-ego side project from the early years of the band. “The Pinecones was folk-a-hill-a-billy garage band we used to put together just for kicks,” Miller relates. “We loved the sound of ’60s west coast folk rock and psych bands. The Pinecones was our outlet for material that was not in the SCOTS vein. We even opened for ourselves occasionally. The Pinecones set list was the jumping off point for this latest collection of songs.”

The first single off the album, “Grey Skies,” is a minor key mood piece with that folk-a-billy, psychedelic sound. Listen to how the acoustic 12-string riff slides into the band’s hypnotic rhythms that propel Mary Huff’s reflective vocal into the mind’s eye of times past and love lost. “Check out the Mellotron on the chorus – that is a first for us,” Miller says.


1. Freak flag
2. Dirt road
3. Baby I like you
4. I ain’t gonna hang around
5. Grey skies
6. Waiting on you
7. Midnight caller
8. Swamp fox – The original
9. Downward mobility
10. Rice and beans
11. Given to me
12. Slowly losing my mind









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