Urgent Jumping! East African Muzika Wa Dansi Classics!


urgentjumping-coverUrgent Jumping! – East African Musiki Wa Dansi Classics 1972-1982 heet de fantastische dubbel-CD, samengesteld door de Britse DJ John Armstrong. Kenia, Tanzania, Zaïre, Congo, de 27 liedjes met een speelduur van bijna tweeënhalf uur komen overal vandaan. Maar ze hebben één ding gemeen: ze maken allemaal muziek waarbij het onmogelijk is stil te blijven zitten. Het is nu niet meer nodig honderden euro’s te betalen voor de 45 toeren plaatjes waarop deze muziek voor het eerst verscheen, het is allemaal verzameld op deze geweldige compilatie.

During the boom years of the 1960s and on into the 70s, East Africa, in particular Nairobi, was an irresistible magnet for musicians throughout the continent. Here they could record during the day and work in a club at night. From all parts of Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zaïre, South Africa and beyond, musicians switched bands, swapped tunes, jammed, performed and generally added to the musical DNA that even now resonates around the world.

The resulting “perfect storm of international and parochial musical genius” gave birth to a standard of musicianship that has echoed down through the decades. In the 80s, while bands such as Samba Mapangala & Orchestra Virunga were able to find their first new audiences outside of Kenya, Congolese artists such as Tabu Ley and Mbilia Bel found some of their most enthusiastic fans inside the region. In the 90s, as the liner notes tell, the pool of musicians in Tanzania was sufficiently skilled and musically educated, that soukous stars needed to look
no further than amongst the local talent when booking their backing bands for stadium-filling tours.


Track list CD1
1. L’Orch. Dar International – Rufaa Ya Kiko
2. Afro 70 – Hasara Ya Moto
3. Kauma Boys Band – Rose Atieno
4. Super Mambo Jazz Band “69” – Nasalaki Nini
5. Maquis Du Zaire – Denise
6. Victoria Jazz Band – Anyanga
7. Orchestre Conga Internationale – Nakupenda Sana
8. L’Orch. Dar International – Rudi Nyumbani
9. The Golden Kings Band – Taabu Ya Awendo
10. Sunburst Band – Matatizo Nyumbani
11. Urafiki Jazz Band – Nauli Ya Uda
12. L’Orchestre Grand Piza – Oboti Kolisa
13. Hafusa Abasi & Slim Ali, Kikulacho Yahoos Band – Sina Raha
14. L’Orch. Moja One – Dunia Ni Duara Pts 1 & 2

Track list CD2
1. Sunburst Band – Enzi Za Utumwani
2. Sega Sega Band – John Ochieng
3. L’Orchestre Super Mambo – Kurukia Ukuta
4. Earthquake Jazz Band – Blasio Onyango
5. L’Orch. Dar International – Chama Kimoja
6. Vijana Jazz Band – Kosa La Wazazi
7. Orchestre Special Liwanza – Vicky Pts 1 & 2
8. Super Mambo Jazz Band “69” – Jeanne Mulongo
9. Juwata Jazz Band – Mpenzi Zalina
10. L’Orch. Dar International – Hatari Kubwa
11. Afro 70 – Cha Umheja
12. L’Orch. Dar International – Rafiki Sina Pt 1
13. Orchestre Super Jambo – Yenga Pts 1 & 2









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