Tift Merritt :: Stitch Of The World

tiftmerritt_stitchoftheworld_coverDe Texaanse Tift Merritt is de missing link tussen Emmylou Harris en Lucinda Williams. En Stitch Of The World is wat Wrecking Ball en Car Wheels On A Gravel Road voor die andere koninginnen van de Americana zijn: een meesterwerk. Merritt maakte de afgelopen tijd nogal wat mee. Ze werd 40, ging door een scheiding en werd zwanger van haar nieuwe vriend. Al die ervaringen vind je hier terug. En de muziek is spannend als nooit tevoren. Beurtelings ingetogen en uitbundig en ondanks de afwisseling een eenheid. Met Stitch Of The World katapulteert Tift Merrittis zich naar de Champions League van de Americana.
As 2015 began, I had somehow been on the road for the fastest, longest two years of my life. I had kicked the tires hard touring in support of my album Traveling Alone. I had recorded and toured with classical pianist Simone Dinnerstein. My friend Andrew Bird asked me to be in his old time band the Hands of Glory, so I pretended I was a member of the Carter family on guitar, and I watched him like a hawk to make sure he felt fully free; singing harmony with Andrew is not unlike flying. Suddenly, I was turning 40, getting divorced, and scared out of my mind. So I decided to take a year off the road to see what would happen to me if I just stopped touring… On a friend’s ranch in Marfa, Texas, in the middle of the high plains without a car headlight in sight, I did just that, and when I did, I started to do what I always do: the humble work of marking life by writing. 
1. Dusty Old Man
2. Heartache Is An Uphill Climb
3. My Boat
4. Love Solders On
5. Stitch Of The World
6. Icarus
7. Proclamationbones
8. Something Came Over Me (Ft. Sam Beam)
9. Eastern Light (Ft. Sam Beam)
10.  Wait For Me (Ft. Sam Beam)



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