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Matt Haeck krijgt op Late Bloomer hulp van onder anderen gitarist Aaron Lee Tasjan en zangeres Elizabeth Cook. Dat zegt iets over de status die hij heeft onder collega’s. En terecht, want Late Bloomer is een eersteklas Americana-album. Haeck is geen nieuwlichter, maar binnen de grenzen van het genre is hij de absolute top met zijn ontroerende liedjes over depressies, scheidingen en drank. En dankzij de stevige begeleiding en soms keiharde gitaren wordt het nooit sentimenteel.

Matt Haeck comes by his contradictions honestly. Scrappy with a genuine, lyrical voice, he sings truths hard-earned from struggles most men twice his age haven’t seen. Born in Barbados, West Indies to missionary parents, he was introduced to music through hymns. While working on a Master Of Divinity to become a pastor, he fell out of love with theology and decided to pursue music instead.
 He began falling into addiction for the next four years with phases of pills, cocaine and alcohol. He entered treatment, only to relapse 2 months later into the most hellish year of his life. He moved to Indianapolis to enter a yoga recovery program, and it was then that he began crafting the songs of Late Bloomer, only to move back to Nashville after one month of sobriety, having been cast in Studio Tenn’s critically-acclaimed stage production “The Hank Legacy” and subsequently, “The Cash Legacy.”
1.  Tennessee
2.  Minnie Pearl
3.  Belt
4.  28 Years
5.  Couldn’t Say Yes (‘Til I Learned to Say No)
6.  Whiskey and Fast Women
7.  Wonderful Wild Tennessee Child
8.  Worst Enemy/Ramblin’ Man
9.  Pissing Contest
10. Cotton Dress
11. Lovin’ Off My Mind
12. Lucky Cigarette

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