Tom Paxton :: Boat In The Water

Tom Paxton is een tijdgenoot van Bob Dylan, beiden kwamen op in New York in de jaren zestig. Dylan werd de stem van een generatie, Paxton had op zijn eigen manier ook veel succes. Zijn protest- en liefdesliedjes waren echter kleiner en bescheidener van opzet, maar onder collega’s had hij dezelfde status. Hij was het grote voorbeeld van bijvoorbeeld Guy Clark. Hij is altijd platen blijven maken en blijven optreden. Nu, in 2017, 55 jaar na zijn debuut, komt de 79-jarige Paxton met de pracht-CD Boat In The Water. Krachtig én ontroerend.

Tom Paxton may have trimmed his touring schedule, but he is far from done writing songs and performing. On ‘BOAT IN THE WATER’ he features exquisite new songs co-written with Jon Vezner (‘Kathy Mattea’s hit ‘Where’ve You Been’), Pat Alger (multiple Garth Brooks hits) and Don Henry. He has his own new songs and a few from the past that are calling back to him. Paxton teamed up with friends and GRAMMY Award winners Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer as producers and band. Marcy’s versatility as harmony singer and instrumentalist on the resonator guitar, mandolin, guitar, ukulele and percussion have built her resume as a top notch studio and live musician. Cathy Fink adds banjo, guitar and harmony vocals. Ralph Gordon, versatile double bassist, keeps the rhythm section solid. The many trio performances and long time friendship of this trio is apparent in the music. *Folk icon Tom Paxton’s 63rd recording includes 13 songs, a mix of brand new songs and a few not heard in a very long time.
1. Boat in the water
2. The last hobo
3. The first thing I think of each morning
4. Life
5. Eleanor’s song
6. Hitch to my gitalong
7. Outward bound
8. A daughter in Denver
9. Ev’ry time
10. It’s too soon
11. Home to me
12. Christmas in the shelter
13. Dream on, sweet dreamer

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