Bridget Kearney :: Won’t Let You Down

Ze zat in bluegrassgroepen, maakte kamerpop en wereldmuziek en was lid van de soul-pop sensatie Lake Street Dive. Nu komt de uit Iowa City afkomstige Bridget Kearney met haar eerste soloplaat: Won’t Let You Down. En dat is pop met een hele grote P. Wat een prachtige liedjes, wat een mooie teksten, wat een charmante stem! In haar muziek klinken echo’s door van The Beatles, maar toch vooral Wilco. Kearney is een onverwachte én grote verrassing.

In the 12 years she has toured the world as a member of the soul-pop sensation Lake Street Dive, Bridget Kearney has gotten good at a lot of things: adjusting to jet lag, sleeping in moving vehicles, hauling her acoustic bass up and down stairs, keeping her cool in front of cameras, thousands of people and personal heroes. But the skill she has honed most obsessively is songwriting. “For me it’s the best part of music,” says Kearney. “That’s the best feeling: after those few hours that you spend working on the song, and you have this thing that you’ve made, and you’re like, ‘Wow. This didn’t exist before. I’m so excited about what just happened.’” Now, at long last, Kearney steps into the spotlight with her first solo effort, a wry, big-hearted pop album entitled Won’t Let You Down. The record, like its title, promises not to disappoint.

1. Won’t Let You Down
2. What Happened Today
3. Serenity
4. Wash Up
5. Who Are We Kidding
6. Living in a Cave
7. Love Doctor
8. Nothing Does It
9. Daniel
10. So Long




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