Tami Neilson :: Don’t Be Afraid 

Tami Neilson is een country superster in Nieuw-Zeeland. Don’t Be Afraid was een nummer 1-CD en is nu ook hier in Nederland uitgebracht. Het is country-soul van de eerste orde. Het titelnummer is geschreven door haar vader, vlak voor hij stierf en Tami schreeuwt het uit. ‘And I will never leave you, you’re my child, you belong to me, don’t be afraid.’ Een emotioneel en muzikaal hoogtepunt, met snoeiharde Ry Cooder-achtige gitaren. De plaat wordt afgesloten met de demo-versie van vader zelf. Tranentrekkend. De rest van de plaat is ook fenomenaal. Van de gospel Holy Moses, waarin ze klinkt als Tina Turner, tot de straighte country van Lonely. Prachtmuziek.

“There are a lot of reasons I chose Don’t Be Afraid as the title, and one of them is that, musically, as an artist it’s a departure for me. There are definite moments where I have had to go, ‘Don’t be afraid of this, this is who you are,’” Neilson says. “This album is the guts of me. I guess ‘departure’ is the wrong word because it’s all the same palette and same family, but whereas Dynamite! was a lot of light, bright colours, Don’t Be Afraid is deeper, richer colours – still in that same family but a different level.”Don’t Be Afraid marks Tami as a new soul staple. It’s a raw, deep and hopeful album that finds Tami singing out her grief. “Last year was an insane year, I had the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows all in one year,” she recalls. “And I guess that is what the album is, it reflects that constant cycle of life.”
1. Don’t Be Afraid
2. Holy Moses
3. Lonely
4. So Far Away
5. If Love Were Enough
6. Bury My Body
7. Loco Mamma
8. Heavy Heart
9. Only Tears
10. Laugh Laugh Laugh
11. The First Man
12. Don’T Be Afraid (Dad’S Demo)


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