Jadea Kelly :: Love & Lust


Love & Lust is de derde CD van de Canadese Jadea Kelly, zeg Jay-dah. Droompop met persoonlijke, kwetsbare, welhaast therapeutische teksten. De plaat klinkt ongelooflijk fraai, dankzij het bijzondere gitaarwerk van de fenomenale Tom Juhas en de productie die doet denken aan wat Daniel Lanois deed met Emmylou Harris op Wrecking Ball. Dan zijn er nog de fraaie liedjes en de Kate Bush-achtige stem van Kelly. Dat maakt van Love & Lust een meer dan bijzondere plaat.



Some of the greatest art is drawn from darkness. So too was Love & Lust – a compelling and honest release from Jadea Kelly this 2017. However dark the muse, there is a sonic beauty and vulnerability shining throughout. Perhaps a familiar story to some, Love & Lust is an album of heartbreak but also an incredibly open and honest catalogue of infidelity, desire, betrayal, forgiveness and human frailty. Built with lilting melodies, symphonic violin, pop synth pads and majestic guitar tones
Jadea guides the listener through the darkness of infidelity and her prolific journey towards light and wisdom. Despite the struggle of its creation Love & Lust is quite possibly the most honest, intense and emotional records of 2017and a huge progression for Jadea Kelly and her songwriting.


1. Make It Easy
2. On The Water
3. Can’t Outrun
5. Good Girl
6. Love You
7. Mariah
8. Ocean Floor
9. Every Last One
10. Paper Thin Heart
11. Beauty


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