Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton :: Wildflower Blues


Jolie Holland en Samantha Parton richtten samen The Be Good Tanyas op. Holland verliet de groep en begon aan een succesvolle solocarrière met Bob Dylan als grote fan. Parton ging door met de Tanyas tot gezondheidsproblemen haar dwongen te stoppen. Nu zijn de dames terug als duo met de prachtplaat Wildflower Blues. Dromerige, soms donkere Americana en outsider folk van een ongekende schoonheid. Twee door God gegeven stemmen die elkaar perfect aanvullen. Schitterende eigen nummers en fijne covers van Dylan (Minstrel Boy), Townes Van Zandt (You Are Not Needed Now) en Michal Hurley (Jocko’s Lament). Mooier kan muziek niet zijn.

Wildflower Blues, the gorgeous new album by Jolie Holland and Samantha Parton, began with a phone call between two friends. The two hadn’t played together in years, but still shared a strong musical and personal connection. “I just called her out of the blue,” says Holland, who asked if Parton wanted to make some music together. “We hadn’t been in touch, but the timing was right and she said yes.”

Scheduled for release in September on the duo’s own label, Cinquefoil Records, the album wanders from rural blues to folk and ragtime, from smoky jazz to emotive R&B and fearless rock & roll. “I really like going at things from a lot of diverse angles,” says Holland. “The idea of genre is really unattractive to me.” She and Parton cover Townes Van Zandt’s “You Are Not Needed Now” and Michael Hurley’s “Jocko’s Lament,” and Holland rewrites Dylan’s “Minstrel Boy,” adding verses about two poets — William Blake and  Steven Jesse Bernstein — whose work “helped me crystallize my view of the world.”

1. You Are Not Needed Now
2. Wildflower Blues
3. Make It Up To Me
4. Little Black Bear (Blue Rooms Version)
5. Jocko’s Lament
6. The Last
7. Minstrel Boy
8. Biding My Time
9. Johnny Said To May
10. Gooseberry Rag


Jolie-Sam-Wildflower Blues BIO_Final
Jolie_Sam Bio_2017_Alternate Version






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