The Great Crusades :: Until The Night Turned To Day


The Great Crusades uit Chicago zijn een van de hardst rockende rootsband van Amerika. Op hun negende plaat, Until The Night Turned To Day, overtreffen ze zichzelf. Of het nou een wals is, opener If You Could Only See Me Now, of Only Took A Minute Not To Say Good Night, een tranentrekker over vreemdgaan en echte liefde, of de blues van Last Dying Wish, de vonken spatten er vanaf. De invloeden zijn talrijk en divers, Captain Beefheart, Cracker, Pixies, Randy Newman, Bad Company, maar The Great Crusades zijn toch vooral The Great Crusades. Topliedjes en een tomeloze energie die het zweet van de muren laat druipen.

You can’t overlook the „9“, proudly displayed on the inner sleeve of Until The Night Turned To Day, the new album by the Great Crusades. This powerful four – piece from Chicago has been delighting audiences in Europe for 20 years, racking up more than 20 cross – Atlantic journeys. The Great Crusades have established themselves as a thrilling live act but while that reputation is well-deserved,  it overshadows their achievements as recording artists. They are rarely perceived as the intelligently rocking, versatile, insightful -lyric- writing band that they are. Just in time for their early-summer tour, the band drop their 9th album Until The Night Turned To Day. After many years on Glitterhouse, this is their second album for Blue Rose Records and an apt successor for the much-lauded Thieves Of Chicago from 2014.

1   If You Could Only See Me Now
2   Only Took a Minute Not to Say Good Night
3   Hey Hey (River Charles)
4   Gutter Punks
5   Little Crown
6   King of the Altered States
7   Prayer Furnace
8   If I Changed My Mind
9   Thanks for Asking
10   Last Dying Wish
11   Petrified

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