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Cracked earth under cloudy sky in desert landscape

Hardpan, de Americana-supergroep bestaande uit Todd Thibaud, Chris Burroughs, Terry Lee Hale en Joseph Parsons, nam de eerste CD op in september 2001. Jawel, nine/eleven. Ondanks of misschien wel dankzij al die emoties leverde het kwartet een prachtplaat af. Drukke agenda’s, succesvolle solocarrières, van die dingen, zorgden ervoor dat de opvolger zestien jaar op zich liet wachten, maar nu is hij er. Simpelweg Hardpan getiteld overtreft die alle verwachtingen. Of ze alle vier hun beste nummers hebben opgespaard om de groep een vliegende doorstart te geven. Hardpan is de Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young van de hedendaagse Americana. Hier kunnen we weer makkelijk zestien jaar mee vooruit.

When four singer-songwriters like Todd Thibaud, Chris Burroughs, Terry Lee Hale and Joseph Parsons record an album together – all of them successful solo artists on Blue Rose or Glitterhouse – it doesn’t feel far-fetched to call them a supergroup. They met on the road on various tours of Germany and realized that they get along well and have – in spite of differing styles and personalities – and undeniable chemistry.
On September 10, 2001 they met in Tucson, Arizona to record an album. But only hours later, other, bigger events came into focus. And yet, since they only had ten days together, they pushed the horrific scenes from New York aside. Maybe that is why they created such a homogenous, emotional and moving singer-songwriter album to which each of them contributed original songs and lead vocals. It was the birth of HARDPAN.


1. Can’t Keep Up
2. The Hand That Hold The Reins
3. Long Tomorrows
4. Dust Bowl
5. Best I Can
6. Lighthouse
7. Bombast
8. Miracle Cure
9. Can’t Have It All
10. One Clear Thought
11. This Place And Time
12. Dangling




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