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Abe Partridge komt uit het Zuiden van de Verenigde Staten, was predikant en militair in oorlogstijd. Maar hij is, zoals zijn tweede CD Cotton Fields And Blood For Days bewijst, vooral een volstrekt unieke singer/songwriter, wiens liedjes zonder uitzondering de impact van korte verhalen hebben. De instrumentatie is sober, de stem van Partridge heeft dezelfde schuurpapier-kwaliteit als Tom Waits en zijn held is Son House. Negen verpletterend goede nummers. Eén daarvan heeft de fraaie titel: Ride Willie Ride (Or Thoughts I Had While Contemplating Both The Metaphysical Nature Of Willie Nelson And His Harassment By The Internal Revenu Service). Partridge is een genie en Cotton Fields And Blood For Days is dé muzikale verrassing van het jaar. Ongelooflijk goed.

Here’s what a few folks have said about him.

“Abe Partridge is the kind of artist that you will either love or you will hate. There is no in between. Onstage, he’ll rip his heart out and present it to you. No apologies. Take it or leave it. The man is an angel with the voice of a demon and he’s come to scare us with the truth.” –Shawn Byrne, producer & songwriter

“I can count on one hand how many live performances I have seen that gripped me, shook me up, & rattled me to the core. Abe Partridge is among them. His astonishing songwriting combined with his shocking performance will haunt you, & his studio recordings equally as strong!!!” -Laura Vendetti, founder, Gulf Coast Blues Society

“I’d never heard Abe Partridge’s songs prior to his coming into Studio H2O and no idea as what to expect. Within seconds of hearing the first song we recorded, I was fixated by both the strength of his unique vocal style and the compelling poetry and imagery in his songs. I usually avoid comparisons, as they tend to be misconstrued, but Abraham Partridge is cut from the same cloth as Waits, Dylan, and Cohen. Not that he ‘sounds’ like any of them. Quite the contrary, but that his songs and delivery have a superbly defined style that is all his own is undeniable.” – Rick Hirsch, guitarist for Wet Willie, Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Photo by Cathy Partridge

1. Colors
2. Ride Willie Ride (Or Thoughts …)
3. I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker
4. Out of Alabama Blues
5. Turn the Volume Down
6. Ghosts of Mobile
7. Our Babies Will Never Grow Up to Be Astronauts
8. Prison Tattoos
9. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down

Bio & Lyrics
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