Jerry Leger :: Nonsense and Heartache


De Canadees Jerry Leger heeft fijne fans: Ron Sexsmith, The Sadies, Fred Eaglesmith, Jesse Winchester, Justin Townes Earle en Jim Lauderdale, om er een half dozijn te noemen. Maar zijn allergrootste fan is Michael Timmins van de Cowboy Junkies. Die produceerde in 2014 al Early Riser en is nu verantwoordelijk voor Nonsense And Heartache. Het was Timmins’ idee om daar een dubbel-CD van te maken. Nonsense is de hardrockende eerste CD, Heartache de singer/songwriter-achtige tweede. Woorden schieten tekort om te beschrijven hoe meesterlijk Nonsense And Heartache is. Jerry Leger is een van de grote onontdekte talenten in de hedendaagse rootsmuziek.

Judging by music journalism these days, it seems that ever since “post-punk,” we’re living in a “post-everything” world. So why not just start over again from the beginning? It’s easy to feel that way when listening to Jerry Leger’s brilliant new album Nonsense And Heartache, because that’s precisely what it suggests through its combination of primal rock and roll, and raw, confessional balladry. The separation between the two is evident by the album’s title, and it is in fact two distinct collections of songs presented on two slabs of vinyl. In many ways, Jerry Leger’s artistic path has been leading up to this ambitious display of both sides of his musical personality, fueled by countless nights playing in Toronto bars with a loyal band equally committed to keeping rock and roll’s original flame burning.

Photo by Laura Proctor



01 Coat On The Rack
02 Forged Check
03 Baby’s Got A Rare Gun
04 On The Fishing Line
05 The Big Smoke Blues
06 For Hire
07 Wedding Dress
08 She’s The Best Writer You’ve Never Heard Of


09 Things Are Changing ‘Round Here
10 Troubled Morn
11 It Don’t Make The Wrong Go Away
12 Another Dead Radio Star
13 Lucy And Little Billy The Kid
14 The Great Unknown
15 Take The Ashes And Run
16 He’s The Lonely One Now
17 Buckskin Wall
18 Pawn Shop Piano



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