Naked Giants :: Sluff


Naked Giants is een trio uit Seattle en hun debuut Sluff barst van de energie en het plezier. Hier lijkt de hele geschiedenis van de popmuziek samen te komen. Sixties (Kinks), classic rock, punk, Britpop, powerpop en grunge (Nirvana-producer Steve Fisk zit hier ook achter de knoppen). Intelligente teksten, twaalf verdomd goede liedjes, gespeeld alsof de duivel ze op de hielen zit. Sluff is een van de meest opwindende platen van de laatste jaren.

‘SLUFF’ is a word that means both everything and nothing, but it definitely sums up the three distinct personalities that make up Naked Giants. Depending which member you ask, SLUFF is either slang for the black gunk that comes off your shoes when it snows in the winter, an acronym that stands for South Lake Union Fuck Face (a reference to the tech bros who have infiltrated Seattle in recent years) or what a snake does when it sheds its skin. It’s also the title – and a song on – the band’s debut full-length.

Photo by Chloe Corriveau

1. Dead Alien
2. We’re Alone
3. Everybody Thinks They Know (But No One Really Knows)
4. TV
5. Slow Dance II
6. Slide
8. Goldfish I
9. Goldfish II
10. Dat Boi
11. Easy Eating
12. Shredded Again





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