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The Monochrome Set werd opgericht in 1978 in Londen op de eerste golf van de post-punk. The Smiths’ Morrissey was een fan, later waren het bands als Franz Ferdinand die onomwonden bekenden erg door The Monochrome Set beïnvloed te zijn. Veertig jaar en soms lange pauzes later bestaat de groep nog steeds. En zoals te horen op hun nieuwe CD Maisieworld maken ze nog steeds muziek die er toe doet. Vaak lichtvoetige, maar zo soms ook zwaarmoedige melodieuze popmuziek die het grote door The Smiths veroorzaakte gat op fraaie wijze opvult.

At the end of the 70s, The Monochrome Set were part of the first wave of ‘post punk’ bands. Right from the beginning, the band earned a solid reputation as purveyors of fine pop, gaining praise from 80s contemporaries such as Morrissey and Edwyn Collins. Importantly, in later years this praise has continued with artists such as Franz Ferdinand, The Divine Comedy and Graham Coxon, all citing the band as a key influence on their own work. The Monochrome Set sound has often been described as ‘timeless’, and that alone explains why, over the years, the band has continued gaining admirers.

1. Give Me Your Youth
2. Stage Fright
3. I Feel Fine (Really)
4. Cyber Son
5. Don’t Wear That Look
6. Mrs Robot
7. Oh Yes, I’m Going To Be In Your Dreams Tonight
8. Shallow
9. Silence Is Rusty
10. Maisieworld

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