Aaron Lee Tasjan :: Karma For Cheap

ALT_KARMA_FOR_CHEAP_3600Op jonge leeftijd speelde Aaron Lee Tasjan in The New York Dolls, later ook in Drivin’ N’ Cryin’. Als solo-artiest is hij op zoek naar de perfecte popmuziek. Zoals die ooit gemaakt werd door Beatles, Tom Petty, Oasis en vooral Jeff Lynne’s ELO. Hij had lid kunnen zijn van de Traveling Wilburys, complimenteerde iemand hem ooit. En zo is het maar net. Op zijn derde CD Karma For Cheap benadert Tasjan de perfectie. Zorgeloze, soms grappige, maar nimmer oppervlakkige pop met een hoofdletter P.

Most people know Aaron Lee Tasjan as one of the wittiest, most offbeat, brilliant, weedsmokin’ & LSD microdosin’ Americana troubadours writing and singing songs today. And the New York Times, NPR and Rolling Stone will all gladly corroborate. But steel yourselves, folk fans, because he’s about to follow his restless muse straight out from under the weight of everyone’s expectations into the kind of glammy, jingle-jangle power-pop- and- psych-tinged sounds he hasn’t dabbled in since his younger days playing lead guitar for a late-period incarnation of The New York Dolls.
Really, the roots of Tasjan’s new record, Karma for Cheap, stretch even deeper, drinking up the sounds of a Southern California childhood spent listening to The Beatles while riding around with his mom at the wheel of their navy blue Volvo station wagon – back to the very first pre-teen year he picked up a six-string and started figuring out all the pretty little chords in those Lennon-McCartney tunes. Back to the pure, blissful unfiltered innocence of falling in love with music for the first time. But more on that later. First, let’s ponder the brutish realities of the American Swamp

ALT photo by Curtis Wayne Millard

If Not Now When
The Truth Is So Hard To Believe
The Rest Is Yet To Come
Heart Slows Down
End Of The Day
Dream Dreamer
Strange Shadows
Set You Free
Crawling At Your Feet




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