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Vanwege dood en verderf in de familie duurde het vijf jaar voordat I See Hawks In L.A. Met een nieuwe CD kwam. Maar nu is er Live And Never Learn en daarop zijn de sporen van persoonlijk leed te vinden. Het is niet meer alleen Californische zonnige muziek die de klok slaat. Wat nog wel fier overeind staat is de perfecte Crosby, Stills & Nash-zang en de sublieme melodieën die de groep achteloos uit de mouw schudt. Maar door de melancholieke Gram Parsons-achtige ondertoon is Live And Never Learn een veel rijkere plaat dan zijn voorgangers geworden. Prachtig.

I See Hawks in L.A. soared relatively trouble free for the first decade of their existence, but in 2018 they’re emerging from a string of confrontations with mortality, life choices, and the slow leakage of youthful possibility. It’s been almost 17 years since the release of their eponymous debut on September 11, 2001. They didn’t get rich, they didn’t get famous, and yet they’re still here, perhaps benefitting artistically from the rocky passage. The rich flavor of battered soul. It’s clear these Hawks are in it for the music, for each other, and for the adventure of it all.
Live and Never Learn is the first new Hawks album since 2013’s Mystery Drug. It’s been five hard years. In March of 2015, member Rob Waller lost his mother suddenly to pancreatic cancer, and Paul Lacques lost both his parents this past year. Most of the songs on Live and Never Learn were written and recorded while they were dealing with these primal griefs, as well as other personal battles dire but with better outcomes.

1. Ballad For The Trees
2. Live And Never Learn
3. White Cross
4. Stoned With Melissa
5. Poour Me
6. Planet Earth
7. The Last Man In Tujunga
8. Singing In The Wind
9. My Parka saved Me
10. King Of The Rosemead Boogie
11. Tearing Me In Two
12. Spinning
13. The Isolation Mountains
14. Stop Me

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