Datura 4 :: Blessed Is The Boogie


Datura4, de Australische band van garage-legende Dom Mariani slaat weer keihard toe met Blessed Is The Boogie. Wederom een onweerstaanbare collectie liedjes op het snijvlak van rock ‘n’ roll, boogie, hardrock, blues, soul, psychedelica en garage. Er is een geweldige cover van Jessie Hill’s Ooh Poo Pah Doo, maar het titelnummer is de instant klassieker van de plaat. Boom Boom Boom Boom – Blessed Is The Boogie. Oorverdovende prachtmuziek.

Fronted by Aussie legend Dom Mariani, who came to prominence on the music scene in the 1980s with legendary garage rock combo The Stems, and later went on to form revered power pop outfits DM3 and The Someloves, Datura4 is Marianis return to his blues and heads-down, full-tilt boogie roots. Blessed is the Boogie is ten new songs that build on Datura4s guitars to infinity approach of Hairy Mountain (2016) and the hard rocking, progressive blues and psychedelic stylings of debut LP Demon Blues (2015). Both albums were released through Alive NaturalSound Records and gained critical acclaim at home, in Europe and the USA.

1. Black Dog Keep Running
2. Blessed Is The Boogie
3. Looper
4. Run With Lucy
5. Ooh Poo Pah Doo
6. Sounds Of Gold
7. Evil People Pt. 2
8. Not For Me
9. Cat On A Roof
10. The City Of Lights

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