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Jason Ringenberg was eigenlijk wel klaar met zijn muzikale carrière. Hij had geschiedenis geschreven met de cowpunk-band Jason & The Scorchers en met fraaie soloplaten. Hij deed nog shows als Farmer Jason en was tevreden met een bestaan als boer. Tot hij opeens een uitnodiging kreeg om een maand lang artist-in-residency te zijn in Sequoia National Park. En daar kwam het heilig vuur terug. Stand Tall is het resultaat. Gedreven country met een punkhouding. Alsof hij weer 30 is. Prijsnummer van deze prijsplaat is God Bless The Ramones. Zoals Jason zelf zegt: ‘Volgens mij het enige nummer met God én The Ramones in de titel.’ Wij zouden willen zeggen: ‘God bless the return of Jason Ringenberg!’

What do you get when you place Americana music legend Jason Ringenberg in a grove of Giant Sequoias? You end up with an inspiring new record called Stand Tall. But Ringenberg is no stranger to making inspired records. As far back as 1984 Rolling Stone magazine said that his Fervor record (with Jason and the Scorchers) “singlehandedly rewrote the history of rock ‘n’ roll in the South.”

Stand Tall was conceived and penned in June 2017 while Ringenberg was commissioned as the artist in residence at Sequoia National Park in northern California. The National Park Service put him up in a remote mountain cabin for a month to write songs and perform concerts there. “I found that spending so much time alone in that primal wilderness did wonders for my songwriting,” said Ringenberg.

The result is a record filled with characters on a mission, from John the Baptist to John Muir to a disillusioned Confederate conscript. There is even a song about Jason’s experiences opening for the Ramones through Texas in 1982 called God Bless the Ramones. It speaks volumes that Jason would write a song about the Ramones while standing in the shadow of the Charles Young sequoia, named after the first African-American national park head ranger and US Army Colonel.

1. Stand Tall
2. Lookin’ Back Blues
3. John the Baptist Was a Real Humdinger
4. God Bless the Ramones
5. Hobo Bill’s Last Ride
6. I’m Walking Home
7. Almost Enough
8. Here in the Sequoias
9. John Muir Stood Here
10. Many Happy Hangovers to You
11. Farewell Angelina

Video 1985 Jason & The Scorchers Absolutely Sweet Marie

Video 2019 Jason God Bless The Ramones

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