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De Quaker City Night Hawks komen uit Fort Worth, Texas en zijn op hun nieuwe QCNH-plaat een ongebruikelijke mix van Lynyrd Skynyrd en Curtis Mayfield, met uitstapjes richting Pink Floyd-psychedelica, Steve Earle-country en Californische jaren zeventig pop. De opener van QCNH, Better In The Morning, is een klassieker in de dop, maar ook de andere liedjes zijn stuk voor stuk memorabel. En de muziek is gedreven en heeft ballen. Een meer dan goede plaat.

The last time we heard from the Quaker City Night Hawks, they were traveling the country in support of their Lightning Rod Records debut, El Astronauta, an album that mixed the greasy strut of 1970s rock with doses of down-and-dirty Texas blues, science fiction, and Bible Belt boogie. The guys were Texans by birth, but their music whipped up its own geography. With its spacey, southern stomp, El Astronauta could’ve been the soundtrack for a road trip across the American desert…or even the house music for a weekend night at the Mos Eisley Cantina. Noisey said “this ragtag bunch of boundary-pushers is likely to appeal to fans of Fu Manchu and Tom Waits in equal measure,” and Rolling Stone proclaimed Quaker City Night Hawks songs “fly in the face of mainstream rules.”

SEPTEMBER 11, 2018 – Brooklyn, NY – Quaker City Night Hawks. photo credit: Jacob Blickenstaff

Better In The Morning
Suit In The Back
Pay To Play
Fox In The Henhouse
Hunter’s Moon
Elijah Ramsey
Grackle King
Tired Of Your Leaving
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