Rich Hopkins & Luminarios :: Back To The Garden


Het is eigenlijk niet te geloven dat de in Texas geboren en in Tucson, Arizona residerende Rich Hopkins al zo lang zo goed is. Sinds begin jaren negentig levert hij de ene na de andere monumentale plaat af. Back To The Garden, de nieuwste van Hopkins en zijn Luminarios, is ook weer een portie ronduit briljante woestijnrock waarop wederom de vergelijking met Neil Young & Crazy Horse (en soms The Byrds en Stones) zich opdringt. Het zijn de catchy liedjes en de lange gitaarsolo’s die van climax naar climax gaan, de psychedelica. Muziek van vlees en bloed, gespeeld met hart en ziel. Fenomenaal!

After three decades of making music, Rich Hopkins has become synonymous with dusty, guitar-drenched desert rock from the American Southwest. After all his well-documented activities as leader of the Sidewinders, Sand Rubies, Underbelly and many other projects, the Luminarios are still his central focus – with himself being the only irreplaceable band member, of course. Since 1992 they have been active as a trio, a four-piece or a fivepiece band or simply a loose collection of Tucson, Arizona musicians. Early on, Rich was heavily influenced by Neil Young & Crazy Horse. In recent years he has become a more mature songwriter, has released some exciting concept albums and explored different styles and sounds.

1. Acoma Mary
2. Till I’m Gone
3. Before
4. Coming Down Again
5. Get Off The Telephone
6. Another State Of Mind
7. Keep Shinin’
8. Always A Way
9. Pissed
10. On And On
11. The Garden







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