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Sophie Janna en Margot Merah zijn samen het duo The Lasses. Op Undone, hun vierde plaat, hebben ze dertien nummers verzameld; traditionals, wat recentere folksongs (van onder andere Nathalie Merchant en Sandy Denny) en een drietal eigen nummers. Het resultaat is bloedstollend mooi. Muziek die in zijn eenvoud vaak sterk doet denken aan het werk van Gillian Welch, maar die door de hemelse samenzang van Sophie en Margot ook meer dan genoeg eigen karakter heeft. Undone is een hoogtepunt in de Nederlandse muziek van 2019.

‘Undone’ is our fourth album, and consists of songs that are truly important to us. Songs that make us feel better when times are tough. ‘Undone’ is about losing your composure and trying to regain it. Three of the songs we wrote ourselves; three are traditionals; the other seven are songs that we think belong to the shared repertoire of folk musicians all around the world. In the seven years of our existence so far, we released two self-produced albums and one live album. But with these songs so dear to our hearts, for the very first time, we decided to work with a producer. We found the perfect person in Janos Koolen (Frédérique Spigt, Steam Power). We met Janos a couple of years ago in Mulligans, the Irish music pub in Amsterdam where we also first met each other at an Irish session –in effect, the birthplace of The Lasses.

01 Undone in Sorrow
02 The Tide
03 Hunter Moon
04 Here Now
05 Bonnie George Campbell
06 Tipping it up to Nancy
07 The Blackest Crow
08 Motherland
09 Torn Screen Door
10 Lonesome Robin
11 Bowley’s Dance
12 Who Knows Where The Time Goes
13 What You Do With What You’ve Got

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