The Proper Ornaments :: Mission Bells


6 Lenins, de vorige van The Proper Ornaments, was een klein meesterwerk en een van de beste platen van 2019. Nauwelijks negen maanden later komt het kwartet uit Londen alweer met een opvolger: Mission Bells. En die is ook geweldig. Muziek, geworteld in de psychedelica en Californische pop uit de jaren zestig, die op het eerste oor bedrieglijk ingetogen klinkt, maar die met iedere draaibeurt aan zeggingskracht wint en die vol zit met kleine verrassingen. Sublieme teksten, superieur muzikaal vakmanschap, wonderschone melodieën. Topplaat.

9 months since the release of ‘Six Lenins’, THE PROPER ORNAMENTS are back with ‘Mission Bells’, a sombre but uplifting record that began its life while they were on tour earlier this year, when new ideas emerged in different soundchecks around Europe. James Hoare, Bobby Syme and Max Oscarnold, the founders of the group, recruited Nathalie Bruno as a bassist for the tour, and then the four.piece began recording in the summer at Hoare’s home studio in Finsbury Park, London, using the same 16 track Studer tape machine as on their previous record, but this time they incorporated a moog sequencer and other electronics instruments.

On these recordings, meticulous attention to detail is never deployed as an end in itself but always with the song and sound in mind. As the ‘Mission Bells’ sing, echoes of black albums Velvets, Swell Maps, Spiritualized and Cluster might reach inside your brain, but the truth is that it’s hard to pinpoint influences on an album that is the fifth in the life of this band, as they have been becoming more and more themselves, not needing to look elsewhere for inspiration.

1. Purple Heart
2. Downtown
3. Black Tar
4. The Wolves At The Door 5. Broken Insect
6. The Impeccable Lawns
7. Echoes
8. Flophouse Calvary
9. Strings Around Your Head
10. The Park
11. Music Of The Traffic
12. Cold
13. Tin Soldiers









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